Earlier this week I needed to call Apple support to get help with my iCloud account.  I was bounced to three different customer service folks over an hour or so before I finally got to Craig (who ultimately did a great job of handling my issues).

Most of the hour plus that I was on the phone I was on hold and had to listen to loud, tinny and static-filled bad 90’s music (I know that’s redundant).

I was struck by how incongruous this all was.  Apple stands for an easy customer experience, yet they could not manage to come close to being “one and done” in resolving my customer service issue.  Apple is the paragon of innovation, yet their hold music sound quality was an abomination.  Apple stands for hip and cool, yet their music offering was anything but.

Apple is hardly alone in delivering an incongruent brand experience.  As the distinctions blur between channels and touch-points, far too many brands still fail to create a seamlessly integrated experience regardless of how the customer chooses to engage and shop.

In a world of ever-expanding choices–where, increasingly, the consumer holds most of the power–your brand is only as good as your weakest link.

Incongruous may make you superfluous.

2 thoughts on “Incongruous

  1. This is always been my experience with Apple. Unless you are lucky, it takes work to find someone who can solve a problem quickly. Given how poor support is in the computer industry, this makes Apple look like a winner. At least as long as its stock was rising. Now that the magic has been lost in the market, investors and customers are taking a harder, more realistic look at how well the company performs. And sometimes, as you say, it is incongruous.

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