Your back-up monkey

You might have seen the story from yesterday that many were doubting that Iran successfully launched–and safely returned–a monkey into space.  This skepticism emerged from perceived differences in the before and after photographs of said space monkey.

The normally reliable (ahem…) Iranian press ministry explained that the confusion stemmed from their having issued a post return photo of a “back-up monkey.”

If you are anything like me, you probably find it easy to laugh at such buffoonery.  But then I realized I have my own set of back-up monkeys I rely upon from time to time.

When I want to avoid a difficult set of facts, send in my back-up monkey.

When distraction serves my interests better than a focus on the task at hand, call up my reliable old friend.

When reality conflicts with the way I wish the world would be, my back-up monkey shifts the attention.

Chances are you have your own version of a back-up monkey.  And at first he may seem harmless.  And fun.

But dig deeper and I think you’ll find he’s keeping you from your best work.


One thought on “Your back-up monkey

  1. I also admit to having a capricious backup monkey. She appears when I call and sometimes she takes over my brain and utters words that catch me by surprise. Thanks for making us see the impact of our backup monkeys.

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