It depends.

I use to hate it when I would ask a question and I’d get “it depends” as the answer.

To me it was the ultimate non-answer, or worse, an annoying avoidance technique, a failure to take a stand, a stalling tactic. That person is weak, I’d tell myself.

Well, as it turns out, it depends.

More and more I’m appreciating that “it depends” is actually very much at the heart of THE answer.

Trying to launch a successful new enterprise? It depends on your being intentional about the customers you choose to serve.

Creating a new marketing strategy? It depends on your commitment to treating different customers differently and being very precise about how you will persuade them to put you on The List.

Hoping to stand-out in a world of information overload and endless choices? Well that depends on your choosing to do something highly customer relevant and uniquely remarkable.

Needing to move from an idea to action? That depends on your walking through your fear and deciding on how high you will fly?

“It depends” is never a complete answer. Rather, it’s the beginning of a sentence that includes the specific set of choices and actions you must take to win.

It depends? Well, of course it does.


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