Weapons of massive consumption: The 3.4% solution

There are roughly 1 billion people in the world without a reliable source of safe clean drinking water. And that lack of access can be devastating. To learn more see Water Changes Everything

According to CharityWater.org just $20 provides one person with a full year of clean water.

The National Retail Federation estimates that holiday spending this year will total $586.1 billion.

So for $20 billion–or just 3.4% of what American’s will spend this holiday season–every single person on the planet who needs water could have it.

Now I know you are going to look fabulous in those new jeans. And we all know how tasty those Pumpkin Spice Lattes are.

But would you really rather be a weapon of massive consumption or become a force for generosity and compassion?

I’m tweaking my budget this year, and working hard to stay true to what Christmas and the holiday season are really about.

I’m hoping you might join me.



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