I take no great comfort from the leak being on your side of the boat

Maybe your guy won last night. Nice job. But now is not the time to gloat or spike the ball in the end-zone.

Maybe your guy lost last night. Now is not the time to bitch or whine.

But it is time to stop reinforcing what you already believe.

For liberals, that means less MSNBC. For conservatives let’s ease up on the Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh.

For all of us, no Donald Trump. Ever.

[And by the way, it’s totally untrue that Webster is replacing it’s definition of “denial” with Trump’s Twitter feed.]

Perhaps you believe that the budget can be balanced by taxing the heck out of the rich? Sorry, it may be necessary, but it’s not sufficient.

Perhaps by labeling the President a Kenyan or a Muslim or a Socialist (or all three…triple word score!) you think our myriad problems will be solved? Spoiler alert: you are part of the problem.

Perhaps you esteem yourself by being the self-appointed protector of truth, justice, compassion, logic, God, freedom, peace, women’s reproductive rights, marriage, individualism or whatever? Okay, you’re right, now can we get something done?

Perhaps you think hyperbole is the greatest thing ever! That freedom died last night and other assorted nonsense. Move on, nothing to see here.

Labels, hate, half-truths and pontification never fixed anything. Compassion and compromise are not bad words.

Our boat is sinking.

We can argue about whose fault it is. Or what caused it. Or debate our estimates of how long it will be before we sink. We can have arguments about the perfect way to fix it.

Or we can get to work. Together. Right now.



6 thoughts on “I take no great comfort from the leak being on your side of the boat

  1. And, so, it was sad to see that Bing’s election coverage page featured a slider you could move right or left to select the news that was most palatable to you. Just simply pandering to the echo chamber.

  2. Very well said, as always! Now is not the time to gloat but rather to govern. I hope that everyone steps up to the challenge whether their guy won last night or not.

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