Learning to harmonize

Let’s face it, nobody’s likely to be happy to hear you join Mumford & Sons on stage–or Crosby, Stills & Nash if you are old like me–to belt out a few tunes together. But that’s just some incredibly unlikely scenario.

What’s much more real is the need to harmonize in your business.

Your brick and mortar presence, e-commerce business, mobile offering, call center, marketing, and all other branded consumer touch-points, don’t need to be identical, but they need to be harmonious.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a musical performance where someone hits a discordant note. It’s obvious and not very pleasing. If it persists you’re not likely to want to hear more and you’re not likely to want to come back.

Chances are there are quite a few discordant notes in your marketing and your customer experience.

Maybe it’s time to hold a choir practice?

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