Pick a lane

Funny how often it seems like keeping your options open seems like the least risky strategy.

The job seeker crafts an “I can do anything” resume designed to make her appealing to the widest range of potential employers.

A brand launches a low price guarantee, while still claiming to embrace a strategy focused on service and differentiation.

A retail CEO attempting a bold turn-around talks about making his brand more distinctive and relevant while also striving to become “everybody’s favorite store.”

Sometime you can have your cake and eat it too. Spiritually, the middle way can be the path to enlightenment. Black and white thinking can often get you into trouble.

But in a world of overwhelming data, endless choices and a sea of sameness, you had better choose. And choose wisely.

It’s far more risky to engage in the race to the bottom if you aren’t committed to being THE low-cost provider.

It’s far more risky to try to be a little of everything to everybody than something powerfully compelling and remarkably relevant to a tightly defined set of consumers.

We are all familiar with the driver who straddles the line, failing to commit to a lane.

But that’s just annoying.

For businesses, it’s death in the middle.

Pick a lane.

And then step on the gas.




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