The next punch in the face

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

– Mike Tyson.

It’s not certain that Tyson actually said those words. After all, he’s not exactly known for his keen insight or clever turn of phrase.

Real or not, what some people take away from the quotation is that planning is worthless.

I see it differently. For me, it’s to plan to be punched.

The punch may be the economy.

The punch may be a technology that forever disrupts your industry.

The punch may be an upstart competitor that seemingly comes out of nowhere and suddenly delivers staggering blows.

GOOD boxers train like crazy for the inevitable beatings to come.

GREAT boxers study their competitors relentlessly, anticipate their actions and prepare for all the relevant scenarios.

The punch in the face will come from somewhere. Maybe you see it coming. Maybe you don’t.

Regardless, the real question is: are you ready?

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