Start where you are

A couple of years ago I ran my first half-marathon. I am not a life-long runner and I did this within 10 months of knee surgery. I was pretty proud of myself.

In the next year or so, it was pretty easy for me to knock out 3 or 4 miles several times a week. Then I started to have some injuries. Then I let other priorities get in the way. Throw in a dash of laziness and a heaping tablespoon of shame, and I got out of my routine. A year–and some 10 pounds later–I was out of shape.

A few weeks ago I decided to go for a run. Needless to say I got pretty winded, pretty fast. It was clear that it would take some time before even a couple of miles would come easily again.

But I started.

If you are anything like me, you may find it pretty easy to beat yourself up for all the things you should have done. If you are anything like me, you want to reach your goals RIGHT NOW.

But I am where I am and you are where you are. We can’t change the past, only learn from it. We don’t control the future, only our part in it.

Accept the present reality.

Start where you are.

Just don’t forget to start.

For inspiration on getting unstuck I heartily recommend Pema Chodron’s Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living

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