Points of need

It used to be if we needed to learn about a product we went to the store and talked to a salesperson. Or maybe we asked a friend for some advice. Or perhaps we picked up a copy of Consumer Reports to glean the editors’ opinions.

Most of the time, when we needed to actually buy the product, we headed on down to the store to make our selection and drive it on home.

The ways we could satisfy our needs were finite. We operated on THEIR schedule. The information was tightly controlled and pretty much one-way. The points of need were often defined by the rather limited points of sale.

Now there is an explosion of ways to satisfy our needs. And new needs–desire to socialize, give advice, serve as a curator, be seen as an expert, and so on–have been lifted up and activated.

For retailers, point of sale is being transformed.

The dramatic rise of newer, faster, smarter mobile devices is fundamentally changing the customer experience. Not some day. Right now.

This sea change allows for remarkable capabilities to be delivered at the intersection of point of need and point of sale.

Done right, you win. Done wrong, you’re toast.

To thrive in this brave new world YOUR need is to let go of your channel and product-centric thinking.

Your mission? Start with the customer. Focus on points of need. Dare to be different. Eliminate the friction. Rinse and repeat.







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