Your usual orbit

A planet’s path is pretty darn predictable.

The direction it’s heading all but certain. Its speed, for all practical purposes, unwavering. Gravity will act upon it as gravity tends to do. Every day. Every hour. Every second. Not much to see here, really.

A lot of companies, brands and people remind me of the planets, cruising through a constellation that they seem to believe is constant.

It doesn’t take long to notice their predictable trajectory, to see how they will be drawn in by the forces that always act upon them. To know exactly where they will be at any given time, because that is where they always end up. Not much to see here, really. Until there is.

Unfortunately, YOUR usual orbit is precisely what gets you into trouble. It’s the thing that causes you to miss the next great opportunity. To react too slowly to an industry insurgent. To remain stuck.

Unlike the planets, of course, your usual orbit is a choice. Once you see it that way.






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