A beautiful library with one book in it

“Meanwhile, my father and his pals were stuck in their overalls and hard-skinned hands, trapped in a way of life that seemed to me like a beautiful library with one book in it. I did not want to read that book over and over again forever.”

– Roland Merullo, Breakfast with Buddha

All too often, our ego protection system causes us to seek out more stuff we don’t need and engage in more activity that produces little or nothing.

We covet that new handbag or fancy car or Architectural Digest worthy home to wrap us in a veneer that shows the world that we are doing quite well, thank you.

We tweet about the Kardashians’ latest adventures, post pictures of today’s amazing outfit and share that we are “so excited” to do whatever it is we happen to be doing, just so everyone can stay current on how truly fabulous we are.

We go back to the well over and over to all those things that have worked for us in the past, only to become angry and blame the rest of the world when they no longer produce the desired results. And all the while we work desperately to make sure no one realizes how much we are drowning in our own insecurity.

Taste great, less filling becomes looks great, not at all fulfilling.

And we wonder why we feel stuck.

I wonder what would happen if we all cared a bit less about looking good and relaxed our grip on the past.

I wonder what would happen if just for a day we abstained from any “hey look at me” activity and spent just a bit more time listening and connecting from a position of compassion and generosity.

I wonder what would happen if we added a few more books to our library and didn’t care whether anyone else knew.

What better time than now?





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