The show must go on.

“The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready. It goes on because it’s 11:30.”

SNL Producer Lorne Michaels (as quoted in “BossyPants”)

It’s tempting to think that with enough analysis, with more task force meetings, with a few extra iterations of that PowerPoint deck, with just… a… bit…more…time, success will be assured.

But that’s an illusion.

Success is an evolution, not an event.

Perfection is over-rated.

1.0 is better than 0.0.

What would you pull the trigger on if you knew the curtain was rising–if the proverbial train was leaving the station–whether you were ready or not?

It’s hard to step on the stage, into the harsh light and be willing to encounter the judgement of an audience.

It’s harder still to miss your chance.







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