Connect the dots

In a world where there are relatively few choices and researching shopping options is difficult and time-consuming, a lot of friction stands between the consumer and the retailer. When collecting and sorting through all the relevant information to find the best fit product or service–connecting the dots to make a good decision–takes so much effort, the consumer loses energy quickly and the retailer just doesn’t have to be that good to get the sale and retain the relationship.

That world is gone. Forever.

Today, consumers’ choices are exploding exponentially and the friction is decreasing. Lots of dots. Lots of ways to access the dots. Lots of ways to sift through the dots.

But sorting through all the choices can be overwhelming.

Your mission–if you choose to accept it–is to connect the dots for your customers.

When you accept that the customer is in charge, that friction is being eliminated from the eco-system that is your business, you are in a position to lead.

When you make it Job One to understand your customers deeply, become channel-agnostic and commit to treating different customers differently, you turn customer-centricity into your competitive advantage.

When you take on the role of editor or curator, you connect the dots on behalf of your customers and move into a position of trusted advisor and ally.

Connect the dots and win.

Let others do it, and eventually you are just competing on price in a sea of sameness. And that’s bound to end badly.



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