“The List”

We all know that consumers are faced with a myriad of choices. And the continuing explosion of data and connectivity often serves to make the buying process overwhelming.

This is why focusing on “The List” is critical.

We all have our Lists. If I ask you what restaurants you are likely to consider for your birthday celebration, I bet you already have your List. If I ask you what brand of car or tablet or phone or running shoes you are likely buy next, you probably have that List too.

If a consumer is already familiar with–and active in–a category, their List is largely set. If you aren’t on it already, you have virtually no chance of making the sale. And chances are if you aren’t at or near the top of their List, your odds are pretty low as well.

To make “The List” a key part of your customer growth strategy there are a few key questions you need to answer:

  1. For your target customer segments where do you stand on their List?
  2. If you aren’t at or near the top of their List, what are the factors you need to address to get there?
  3. If you are currently at the top of their List, what are the drivers of preserving your position and distancing your brand from the competition?
  4. What’s your plan to get to, and stay at, the top of “The List?”

In a world where commanding share of attention and breaking through the omni-channel blur gets more difficult by the minute, I’d get started if I were you.

And I’d probably hurry.



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