It’s time for you to do a friction audit.

It used to be that consumers went from suspect to prospect to customer to advocate in a series of discrete steps, often taken over weeks or months (or even years). It used to be that consumers had to bear the cost of friction in the sales process because getting around it was just too time-consuming, complex or expensive.

Today? Eh, not so much.

In a constantly connected, information at your fingertips world, your customer can move through the traditional purchase funnel in seconds. Any meaningful speed bumps in that journey–any friction–can derail your chances in an instant.

So do the friction audit. Examine the customer experience from the point of view of your important customer segments (not just a one size fits all perspective). Study what that pesky competitor is doing that you aren’t.

And then commit to smooth over the speed bumps and lubricate the pain points.

Hurry. It’s later than you think.






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