The blended channel is the only channel

For quite some time, various executives and so-called gurus have been going on and on about “multi-channel” this and “multi-channel” that.

In fact, it’s hard to get through a discussion–or speech or consulting report or white paper or blog posting–on multi-channel strategy without buzzwords aplenty.

“Seamless integration.” Check.

“360-degree view of the customer.” Check.

“Consistent communications across channels.” Check.

“Customer-centric approach.” Check.

And so on.

Enough already. It’s time we stop thinking “multi” and start thinking “blended.” Customers don’t think in channels and neither should you.

Customers think about brands and experiences, not about how you happen to be organized or choose to keep score. More and more, consumers move from one medium to the next in a nano-second.

For the customer standing in your store, using their mobile device to check your prices on one site and garner product reviews on another–and then placing an order from your competitor because you don’t compare favorably–the notion of multiple channels seems silly and arcane. They all blend together.

Today the blended channel is the only channel.

5 thoughts on “The blended channel is the only channel

  1. Steven – I agree. It’s a nuance, but I’ve had a rant for some time about “cross”-channel versus “mutli”. Folks stuck on multi are missing a lot of details and texture for what it takes to deliver a “blended” experience.

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