If you have any element of customer-centricity in your growth strategy, then you probably already subscribe to the idea of treating different customer differently.

And you might even accept that in a sluggish economic environment, growth must often come from gaining share of wallet. And that means you must steal business from the other guy.

Enter “Me-tail.”

Me-tail is about treating really different customers really differently. It’s retail on an intensely personalized basis. It’s Peppers & Rogers notion of the one-to-one future finally becoming a reality.

Me-tail is about truly shifting your mind-set, your product offering, your marketing and your customer experience from an audience of many, to an audience of one.

Me-tail starts with the customer and focuses on building a deep understanding of what is truly relevant, differentiated and compelling to that one individual–and then acting on it.

Me-tail can be adding customized products to your assortment or deep personalization of your marketing materials. It can be training your sales people to move away from a one-size fits all mentality.

Me-tailing acknowledges the overwhelming choices (and channels and media and influencers) consumers are confronted with every day and puts the retailer firmly in the role of editor, agent, concierge.

When you do Me-tail right, the consumer says to themselves: “You know me, you get me, you value me, you make my life better in way that no other brand does.”

Sure there are still plenty of businesses that are about assortment dominance and the absolute lowest price. And plenty of consumers who only want that.

And sure, it’s frequently logistically or financially impossible to literally deliver your offering effectively and efficiently to a segment of one.

But if you can’t out-Walmart Walmart or out-Amazon Amazon, chances are you will be better off moving towards the side of Me-tail.

So pick a lane. Think Me-tailer, not just Retailer. Because it’s death in the middle.

3 thoughts on “Me-tail

  1. Great post Steven, I couldn’t agree more.

    It’s time we stopped treating everyone the same way and started recognizing that each customer is unique. I love your expression Me-Tail. I call it B2Me™. My focus is primarily on understanding who your customers are, what they need then helping them to choose and use the right products and services.

  2. Do you mean “comp-tail”…We all know that the consumer needs to be treated differently. So, maybe its not the extra special attention, but simply just being better then the rest!

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