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Acting outside of the box

The practice of “thinking outside of the box” is frequently held up as some sort of magical or mystical quality. People that can think outside of the box are seen as really creative. Or innovators. Or mavericks.

What some folks forget is that merely thinking something never got anything done. Go try to buy that book I’ve been thinking about writing on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

Thinking outside of the box? Good. A nice start. An important piece of the puzzle.

Acting outside of the box? Far, far better.

One thought on “Acting outside of the box

  1. Steven….truer words were never spoken……Actions do speak louder than words.
    Iam one who does both….think outside the box and am finding great new challenges, experiences and success ACTING Outside the Box. Would love to connect with you more.

    Thank you…..
    I’ve found this post to be inspiring and motivating !
    Sheila Jones


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