Say my name, say my name

Recently I’ve been wondering how much Groupon would be worth if they could consistently send me deals for products that actually interest me and aren’t an hour from my home or office.

The potential for daily deals sites, mobile commerce applications and, heck, just about anything in your marketing plan is enormous.

But when your marketing is unfocused, undifferentiated and underscores that you don’t know me, it quickly becomes irrelevant. And that’s when I stop paying attention. And that’s when you run the risk that I start running away from your brand.

It’s better when you know me and show me you know me. That’s when I lean towards your brand and become more willing to collaborate to build something relevant, differentiated and even remarkable.

So, say my name. Ask how you can make your product and service better for me. And then make it happen. Rinse and repeat.


3 thoughts on “Say my name, say my name

  1. Ditto!
    I’d rather get a RELEVANT email 3 times a week than daily contact with things of little interest. How often do you consider going the “unsubscribe” route? Would you if you weren’t following for business reasons?

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