Bricks and mobile: The 1 to 1 future is now.

Winning at retail is about consistently executing a remarkable, differentiated and relevant customer experience. And more and more, relevant means personalized.

The “holy grail” for 1 to 1 marketing has been the notion of the right offer to the right customer at the right time. The 1 to 1 future envisioned by Peppers and Rogers in 1993 is now in sight, and mobile commerce is a key to unlocking its potential.

If you don’t understand how mobile commerce will transform your marketing and your customer’s shopping experience, it’s time to get busy–and get focused.

Before very long, “bricks and mortar” will give way to “bricks and mobile.”

Consumers in your store (or nearby) with competitive pricing information, product specifications and shopper reviews.

The ability to know when your best customer (or prospect) is in your store.

The capability to deliver targeted promotions or “wow’ experiences at the relevant moment of truth.

Consumers who put their business up for bid and choose the best offer.

The criticality of a well-integrated, nearly frictionless, multi-channel offering.

Yes, a lot of current applications aren’t all that great.

Yes, many offerings suffer from a lack of unique customer identification.

Yes, the technical infra-structure at many malls and stores hinders connectivity.

Yes, mobile applications drain battery power all too quickly.

But the applications and devices will improve. Retailers and landlords are pouring tens of millions of dollars to support mobile and near-field communication technology as we speak.

The future IS happening. Now.

So what are you doing about it?



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