Get over it. Get used to it. Get on with it.

Get over it.

Sure, there is no shortage of people who are incompetent, mean-spirited or lazy. The list of things you could have or should have done differently is long. And the world is not always fair, and luck does not always break your way.

If you invent a time machine that allows me to go back and try to change the past, please call me. I am sure to be one of your best customers. Until then, the past is the past. Accept the things you cannot change.

P.S. When you run into folks you find to be incompetent, mean-spirited or lazy. Let it go. And find some compassion for the journey they are on. It’s not about you.

Get used to it.

Yes, the world is changing faster and faster all the time. Yes, the power is shifting away from you and toward your customer. Yes, information on your products and services–both factual and opinion-based–is available to virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere. This will not pass. Embrace this reality. It may not make it easier, but it will be less painful.

Get on with it.

It’s later than you think. All we have is the present moment. You can walk through your fear. What better time than now?

This post was heavily inspired by the work of the Reverend Peter G. Gomez of the Harvard Divinity School and a recent sermon by Dr. Daniel Kanter of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

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