Worthy of your attention

“Whatever the past has been, you have a spotless future.” – Unknown

We all have tremendous demands on our time and energy.

Work. Family. Friends. Any number of personal needs and wants. Each and every one can easily consume us. And if we allow ourselves to be sucked into the vortex of perfectionism, we can never, ever be good enough at any of them.

If you are anything like me, you may sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices that confront us, all the expectations that manifest.

Am I trying to be the person that someone else wants me to be?

Do I zone out watching some mindless reality show rather than take on something infinitely more important, yet far more demanding (and risky)?

Do I exert countless hours trying to convince someone else that I’m right, just for the ego gratification of “winning.”

Do I pray to a God of more money, more stuff, more FaceBook friends, more Twitter followers, just to tell myself I’m okay?

The questions go on and on. Yet as I accept that I will never be perfect–and that my time on earth is finite–I have started to boil it down to one fundamental question:

What’s truly worthy of my attention?

When I take a thorough and honest inventory of what commands my attention these days, I am not always happy with what is revealed. And the actions I need to take cut across my professional and personal life. Tough stuff, to be sure.

What commands your attention these days? Is it worthy of your precious time and energy? Are you willing to make the hard choices and take the bold action required?

I hope I am. I hope you are too.





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