Zip it, your generation is showing

Not too long ago I had a very well-respected executive tell me he could not understand why anyone would buy a luxury product online if there were a physical store close to them.  “They must have had a bad salesperson,” he told me.

If you are anything like me–and by that I mean the parent of a teenager–you may be appalled by how texting and Facebook postings now pass as “conversations.”

Or you may be frightened by how your safe little cocoon of controlled, one-way marketing plans is giving way to the Blur of the omni-channel world.

Or you may be unwilling to commit to an aggressive mobile or social strategy because you just don’t see the pathway to profits.

Or you may be “studying” a response to the competitor that has an innovative business model that is gobbling up market share.

Let’s face it: change IS inherently difficult. But it is rendered impossible when we assume that the market will behave as it always has.  Or, more dangerously, that the way WE would act is the way our target customers will.

For most companies, and their top leadership, it is the customers of a different generation that will shape their destiny. And all too often it is the lack of familiarity that breeds contempt.

So if you find yourself saying “I just don’t get it” maybe there isn’t anything to get.

Or maybe it’s time to zip it. To listen. To learn. To accept that maybe your generation is showing.




2 thoughts on “Zip it, your generation is showing

  1. Well put, Steven. I hear this a lot too, from conservative business managers and owners. I try to explain how we need to put ourselves in the position of our target audience to market a business successfully, instead of basing decisions using only our own specific life experiences.

    I’d love to know what your experience has been with corporate leaders that have been able to look past a perceived lack of value in new technologies, and made up their mind to take the innovative route rather than the safe one of doing nothing.

    Thanks for the great post.

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