The explosion of content, whether on the internet or through traditional media, continues unabated.  And what we are left with is a cacophony of messages, vying for our attention.

As a consumer, wading through this sea of information can be overwhelming.  And while there are more and better tools to make the journey a bit easier, we often find that we still have to do a lot of work.

Clearly, some brands seem to thrive by embracing the Long Tail, by a shock and awe offering of endless choices.

More and more I like the curators.

Curation brands are those we turn to for their taste, their editing skills, their ability to find remarkably new and interesting things.   They do the work scouring the globe–sometimes literally, sometimes virtually–for great product and then present a carefully curated selection for us to choose from.

Curation brands win on trust.  Like any great relationship.


One thought on “Curation

  1. Brands win when they truly represent a value to the customer. A limitless choice of product rarely is the item that a customer sees as a value.

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