So excited! Just discovered hyperbole is the best thing ever!

You don’t have to spend much time on Twitter or Facebook to learn that “so excited” is included in a significant percentage of posts–and usually describes something as mundane as what the person is about to eat or that a new episode of Dancing with the Housewives of the Jersey Shore is about to come on.

Marketers tell us that the beer we drink will make us irresistible to the opposite sex or that we are a good and valuable person because of the handbag we carry or the new car we drive.

Charlatans suggest that addictions can be cured by reading a book.

Infomercials claim that our financial problems can be solved in five easy steps with no money down.

Because of the recession consumers are more focused on substance in their purchasing decisions.  Obvious value and tangible bang for the buck are front and center, and fewer customers are obsessed with this season’s disposable fashion or willing to pay a big premium for a rather ordinary item from a fancy label.

Yet, for many brands, the hype and the hyperbole continue.  Consumer relevancy takes a back seat.   The authentic voice remains muted.

What’s exciting about that?

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