Never teach a pig to sing

“Never teach a pig to sing.  It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

– Robert Heinlein

Innovation is hard-work.  So is becoming truly customer-centric.

Those who want to desperately maintain the status quo rarely appreciate the champion of change.   Those who wish to stay slavishly product or channel-centric often dread hearing someone prattle on about “one face to the customer” or “a seamless cross-channel experience.”

The reality is that some people cannot be swayed by mounds of compelling analysis, a slick PowerPoint presentation or your convincing personal selling skills.  Some organizations do not have sufficient capacity to change. And all the wishing and lobbying and task forces in the world will not make it so.

Sometimes when you advocate a remarkable customer-centric idea, the initial resistance is a sign that you have folks attention and the foundation is being poured for something exciting and new.  Other times the path to anger and resentment is just being cleared.

So let’s be brutally honest:  at your job are you teaching pigs to sing or are you breeding purple cows?

And if it’s the former, maybe it’s time to tune up that resume.


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One thought on “Never teach a pig to sing

  1. Great thoughts and accurate! Some how I don’t believe that in today’s climate, you are going get many that will quit on principle.

    It is amazing how many companies dont’ understand the need for a truly Customer Centric Strategy and to develop Purple Cow mentalities.

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