Certificate of Participation

If your experience growing up was anything like mine you probably collected a fair number of “certificates of participation.” Whether it was an elementary school athletic event or a spelling contest or the Soap Box Derby, I might not have performed well, but I always left with a crisp piece of paper that proved I was there.   I was rewarded for just showing up.  I could get an “A” for effort.

Woody Allen once famously quipped that “80% of life is just showing up”, and sadly that is often the case.

As children we have few choices about how we spend our time and we need to be encouraged to try new things and build a healthy sense of self-esteem.

As adults we have more choices, and far too often we simply choose to participate, to observe, to be spectators sitting in the stands watching others play the game.

Think of the meetings you attended yesterday.  If awards were handed out, would you get simply receive your Certificate of Participation or be ordained Miss Congeniality?  Or would you get the Risk Taker medal, the Innovator’s pin or the Linchpin trophy?

What does giving your best look like for you?


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