Architects and Builders: Assembling a Growth Dream Team

Innovation does not happen without two fundamentally different types of people: Architects and Builders.

Architects are the designers, the ones that conceptualize the big idea, layout a plan to make their idea a reality and make sure the concept is engineered to work.

Builders, conversely, are the implementers, the ones that bring the idea to life, the folks that get the concept in the market.

The best architects know how to design something that can be successfully built.

The best builders understand how to translate something new to the world into a pragmatic reality.

The best leaders assemble teams with both types of people and assure that they can work together.

Leaders that are serious about driving remarkable growth don’t make the assumption that a great architect knows how to successfully put up drywall.  And they don’t expect a terrific contractor to come up with award-winning design ideas.

Is your growth team ready to take the field?

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2 thoughts on “Architects and Builders: Assembling a Growth Dream Team

  1. Great post Steven!
    In my opinion, architects are the strategists with a solid understanding of business theory, while builders are focused on tactics and tools. Neither could survive without the other!

  2. This is a very important message. Too many companies find themselves in ‘strategic gridlock’ because they don’t have the right mix of thinkers and doers on their team. Tactics are derided as a junior task. However, the ability to take a vision and translate that into something that resonates with the customer – that attracts them to you, motivates them to buy or align with you – is really where the rubber hits the road. You can’t have one without the other.

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