Nice to do

What has your company decided is a must do, rather than a nice to do?

It’s interesting how focused and urgent companies get when they stand at the precipice of failure or external forces compel them to act.  Projects that have been lingering get axed.  Deadwood gets pruned.  Non-essential spending is cut.

If a company is in desperate need of growth, the heat is turned up on creating new sources of revenue and the normal pace of progress is often more than doubled.

But when companies become complacent, when they coast on past successes, when they are content with decent performance rather than remarkable performance, then lots of projects are only nice to do.  They languish.  They are the first to be cut when times get tough.

Great leaders at great companies rarely have resources against “nice to do” projects.  If they are passionate about growth, they put great people in charge, resource the ideas appropriately and hold the teams accountable to reasonable, but aggressive deadlines.

If you are working on a nice to do project right now, what needs to happen to get it on the “must do” track?    And if you don’t believe leadership has your back on the initiative, it’s probably time to get worried and do something about it.

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